10 Accessories to Make Your Standing Desk Work for You

10 Accessories to Make Your Standing Desk Work for You

With a standing desk as the centerpiece of your workstation, you are dedicated to making health and productivity the hallmarks of your day. Now it’s time to accessorize.

The right accessories can make the difference between having a standing desk and using it to achieve your health, fitness, and work goals. Think about what you want to get out of your standing desk, then check out these 10 accessories that can help you achieve your goals!

Looking for comfort? 

Enjoy the feel of using your standing desk with these accessories:

1. Supportive Shoes - The right shoes don’t just make the outfit; they’re also the perfect accessory for your standing desk. While you may want to wear your fancy business shoes for meetings or conferences, sport a pair of comfortable, supportive athletic shoes while you work at your desk. Not only will your feet thank you, but wearing sneakers will make it easier to stay active while you’re standing.

 2. Anti-Fatigue Mat - While we often think of standing as more active than sitting, standing on a hard surface for a long period of time actually causes leg muscles to become static and constricted as they work harder to keep our bodies in an upright position. This restricts blood flow and can cause aches and pains, ultimately leading to musculoskeletal injury. An anti-fatigue mat is squishy and forces your body to constantly adjust and balance. This produces micromovements in your muscles which actually fight fatigue. The FitDesk protective floor mat makes it more comfortable to stand for long periods and protects your floor from your chair or Bike Desk.


Need to improve your posture? 

Proper posture plays an enormous role in preventing injury and maintaining good health. It also has the added benefit of making you appear confident and productive. Take care of your body and send a positive message by using these accessories with your standing desk:

3. Step Stool or Foot Rest - How often do you stand perfectly still and balanced evenly on both feet? Almost never? Yeah, me neither. When you’re standing, it is natural to shift your weight and change positions. A small step stool or footrest provides an easy way to adjust your position in a way that doesn’t misalign your body and harm your posture.

4. Adjustable Monitor Mount - Getting your monitor height right is crucial at a standing desk where one size doesn’t fit all and you shift positions regularly. Having an easily adjustable monitor mount allows you to make slight changes to match your different activities and postures.  There are many models out there. Look for one that is fully articulating and can easily be adjusted to keep your spine and neck properly aligned throughout the day.

5. Active Chair - Sometimes you get tired of standing up straight, but don’t want to sit down either. Try out active sitting! Lean or perch on an adjustable stool that encourages regular posture changes. Most are weighted on the bottom to allow you to shift, rock, or move slightly, engaging your core muscles even as you rest. The Autonomous ErgoStool comes in different colors and can be adjusted for use at a sitting or standing desk height.

*Don’t forget that standing too long can be just as detrimental to your health as sitting too long! Make sure you have an ergonomic chair so you can maintain proper posture when you need to take a sitting break.

Want to combine WORKING with WORKING OUT?

Studies have shown that standing is not enough to help you maintain your weight or achieve your fitness goals. After all, a whole day of standing only burns about 54 calories. Add in some exercise while you stand and work with these accessories:

6. Balance Board - An easy exercise tool with great benefits for your everyday life is the balance board. Stability training helps build tissues in the muscles you use for all your daily tasks and activities, and is gentle enough that physical therapists often use it as a part of injury recovery programs. Simply rocking on a balance board improves your leg, glute, and core muscles resulting in better posture, less back pain, and a reduced chance of injury from muscle fatigue or slow reflex time. Check out the Focus Standing Desk Balance Board by Revolution Balance Boards. It sports a feature that easily allows you to change the balance difficulty.

7. Elliptical or Treadmill - Ellipticals and treadmills create the opportunity for an excellent cardio workout while you work. By adjusting speed and intensity, it is easy to find the optimal balance between movement and productivity.

8. Standing Desk Bike - Up your cardio game even more with the new Standing Desk Bike by FitDesk. Now you can utilize your standing desk and enjoy the fun workout of pedaling all at the same time. Adjust the resistance to what is comfortable for you, and get moving! Using a stationary bike for just 30 minutes a day, five days a week strengthens your heart and lungs, improves circulation and respiratory function, and helps regulate your blood pressure. The Standing Desk Bike lets you combine the benefits of standing and movement, all while you work!

Desire Convenience?


A standing desk is great, but if it makes it harder to get your work done during the day, you won’t use it! These simple accessories make your workspace more usable:

9. Mountable Power Station - Nothing is as frustrating as needing to charge your phone and not being able to access an outlet or USB port easily! Power strips are bulky and cumbersome, but a mountable power station allows easy access when you need it without taking up valuable desk space. The WireRun Manta Desk Mount Power Strip and Charging Station is a versatile and inexpensive option.

10. Desk Organizer - One thing most standing desks don’t have much of is storage space. Unlike the bulky, wooden, traditional desks laden with drawers, standing or sit-to-stand desks are usually sleek and minimalistic. While great for managing clutter, sometimes you just need a place to set something out of the way while keeping it close at hand. The Stand Steady Original Desk Potato - Clamp-On Swivel Pencil Drawer and Desk Organizer is a small tray that hides neatly under your desk, just within reach. It provides the space to put those small items you need, but don’t want in the way.