Hidden Dangers in the Work Place & How to Avoid Them

Hidden Dangers in the Work Place & How to Avoid Them

Your company works hard to make your workplace safe, comfortable, and inviting, but are you aware there is extreme danger lurking just below the surface? If not, you risk this danger taking an enormous bite out of your employees’ health and productivity!

This danger is INACTIVITY.


According to a report by the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is the fourth highest cause of death in the world, surpassed only by high blood pressure, tobacco use, and high blood sugar.

Of course, one could list many other work-related health dangers, but the truth is, inactivity is a major player in nearly all of them. For example:

  • Chronic Stress- Though brief periods of stress are common and even healthy, prolonged emotional pressure is dangerous. Work-related stress can come from many different sources and is constantly on a good employer’s radar. A common and effective stress relief technique is exercise. Movement releases endorphins which act as natural pain-killers and increase sleep quality, thereby reducing stress. Inactivity lets stress run rampant, negatively affecting mental health, physical health, and productivity.


  • Poor Posture- Prolonged sitting or standing with poor posture stresses your spine, causing neck and back pain, tension headaches, poor circulation, digestive problems, and even mood swings. For employees who sit at desks and use computers regularly, inactivity drastically increases the risk of posture-related problems.

  • Obesity- This one is obvious, as obesity is caused by poor diet and inactivity! Carrying around extra weight puts enormous strain on your musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, and circulatory system, leading to many other serious health conditions.


Inactivity by itself is the root cause for many health problems including:

  • High blood pressure
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • Certain cancers and some other chronic diseases
  • Heightened anxiety and depression
  • Decreased muscle mass, which increases the risk of falling

Take a look around your office. if your employees are all peacefully sitting at their desks working away, chances are good they’re already silently being destroyed by inactivity.

So, how can you destroy the danger?


  1. Formulate a Plan. Establish a Corporate Wellness Program that addresses the biggest risks for your employees and encourages physical activity. This will not only benefit your employees but can have some happy perks for your business too! (7 Reasons Your Company Needs a Corporate Wellness Program)

  2. Select and Prepare Your Equipment. What items do you need to effectively increase physical activity in your workplace? If, like in most offices, your employees do most of their work at desks, invest in products that enable them to work and exercise at the same time. FitDesk offers unique Bike Desks and several Under Desk products (for sitting and standing desks) that allow your employees to move while working. Employees can challenge themselves by adjusting the resistance and keeping track of their progress with a removable meter placed right on top of the desk. Check out our FitDesk products today!

  3. Gather and Educate Your Team. Get your employees on board by offering incentives. Spend time on the front end educating them on the risks of inactivity. Teach different methods for increasing physical activity, and then encourage your employees to get moving!

  4. GO! Destroy the unseen danger in your office by being physically active every day, even while you work!