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10 Life Hacks to Get More Stuff Done
This is “Get Stuff Done” week: the week I vow to catch up on all the tasks I’ve let pile up since the last “Get Stuff Done” week. And just like every other time, I find myself procrastinating by searching...
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When Did Standing Become Exercise?
Imagine going to the gym and seeing a bunch of people in their shorts and t-shirts standing around tall tables talking. After a few hours, they high-five, congratulate one another on an excellent workout and head off to the locker...
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Man Stretching at Desk

With many people working upwards of 50 hours each week and managing equally busy lives outside the office, finding time to exercise seems impossible.

Worst of all, we continue to spend most of our days sitting or standing in one place which has been proven to contribute to obesity, heart disease, and other serious health issues.

While you may not be able to break a big sweat at the office, there are exercises you can do at work to negate the effects of sitting or standing still all day.

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