FitStudent is creating healthier classrooms where learning and movement combine!

FitStudent Bike Desks, Under Desk Cycles and More

What Our Students Say About Us

With the creation of FitDesk—the first stationary exercise bike fitted with a full functioning workstation, we began to address the growing demand for employee wellness by providing user friendly and cost-effective products for the workplace with showing benefits of an increase in productivity, general health and collaboration. With emerging success within the corporate sector, we then teamed up with leading researchers examining the effects of incorporating movement with learning in an academic setting.

With a new aim to create spaces that become catalysts for change in an otherwise sedentary learning environment, so began the construction of FitStudent.

Our dynamic workstations encourage the conversation that many school systems will begin to address as we provide the needed resources to educators and stakeholders searching to transform the natural order of their classroom.

With research proven results, these classrooms can be implemented to encourage light physical activity without negatively impacting students’ academic performance along with providing long term health benefits.

FitStudent intends to alter the culture of traditional learning landscapes and combat the negative effects of sedentary environments by delivering visible changes for healthier schools and future generations.