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FitStudent products make it easier for educators to create healthy, active, and engaged students.

Incorporate Healthy Movement


Reduce Office Referrals

Classroom settings can make it difficult for some students to focus and learn

K-12 and Universities can't always offer the ideal learning environment for students. Younger students can have difficulty sitting still for longer periods of time. And college students may struggle to study in quiet, still settings. This can result in poor grades, bad behavior, and make it difficult for other students to focus.

See how teachers and students alike enjoy using Fitstudent products in the classroom.

FitDesk products aren't just for K-12. Universities and Colleges across the U.S. use them to study while staying active.

Adding FitStudent and FitDesk Products to Your Classroom or Library is Easy

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Get Students Active and Engaged

Investing in your employee's health is a no-brainer!

Traditional wellness initiatives require employees to count steps or make extra trips to the gym. When people already struggle to accomplish these tasks, it can be difficult to get buy-in from them on these programs.

FitDesk Products Make it Easy

Our Bike Desks and Under-Desk Products give employees exactly what they need to stay active without leaving their desks, climbing the stairs, or making extra trips to the gym. 

Your Employees Will Thank You by:

- Experiencing: Better Health

- Increased Productivity

- Negotiate Better Health Insurance Rates

- Improved Employee Morale