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Pedal Desk V2.0

The FitDesk® v2.0 is a complete workstation right out of the box.  Read more about our most popular item….

Tabletop Standing Desk

Why buy an expensive and bulky standing desk when you can convert your current workstation into a standing desk in seconds…..


Already have an indoor training bike?  Convert it to a FitDesk® workstation in minutes….

Fitdesk® in action

The FitDesk® is a unique invention that allows the user to exercise comfortably while working or surfing the web on their laptop. The FitDesk® is unique in several ways: The Patent pending design places your elbows comfortably on padded massage rollers to support your body while in motion, and frees your hands for typing on your laptop or gaming in a way that no other exercise bike can! It’s compact! Our bike is sturdy, yet folds up quickly and easily so you can move it out of the way in your home, office, or classroom.  When you buy exercise equipment, you shouldn’t have to build another room onto your house! The FitDesk® folds in seconds and the sliding desk-top holds your laptop, tablet, or book in place while you exercise. We also include universal straps for added security!

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The FitStudent Initiative

Learn more about how FitDesk® is helping Students in the classroom…


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