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Standing Desk Bike

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Turn Your Standing Desk into a Workout with the Standing Desk Bike

Standing isn't any better than sitting when it comes to your health because it still isn't activity. The new Standing Desk Bike makes it easy to go from just standing to active in minutes.

FitDesk Standing Desk Bike with handles up
Woman Riding FitDesk Standing Desk Bike in office
Man Riding FitDesk Standing Desk Bike at home
FitDesk Standing Desk Bike fully folded
Tension Adjustment on FitDesk Standing Desk Bike
Pull Pin to Quickly Fold FitDesk Standing Desk Bike
Easy Seat Adjustment on FitDesk Standing Desk Bike

Standing Desk Bike

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FitDesk products make it easy to incorporate light exercise into your daily routine, so you don't have to completely change your schedule

What Could a FitDesk Product Do For Your Life?

Get in Light Exercise While Working

Easily Find Time to Stay Fit

Live a Healthier, Longer Life

Tens of thousands of customers around the world trust FitDesk products to help them stay active at work and at home

As a type 2 diabetic, regular activity is an important part of staying healthy. I used to try and bike for an hour but would get bored. My previous bike broke and after researching options I chose a FitDesk. The desk makes it easy to read a book while I pedal so the time flies by. I recommend FitDesk to anyone who wants an easy way to stay active and healthy.

Patrick Lynch

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