FitDesk Uses

At Work or at Home, FitDesk Products make it easy to get fit.

Burn Calories

Stay Focused

Keep Working

Enjoy Entertainment

Getting to the gym is tough with your busy schedule and most exercise equipment isn’t designed to allow you to get things done.

Use it at Home to Get in Light Exercise While Doing the Things You Love.

  • Watch Your Favorite Shows
  • Read Books
  • Play Video Games
  • Homework
  • Social Media

Use a FitDesk at Work to Stay Productive...

  • Answer Emails
  • Write Proposals
  • Watch Webinars
  • Participate on Conference Calls

 Ready to Get Active?

Investing in your employee's health is a no-brainer!

Traditional wellness initiatives require employees to count steps or make extra trips to the gym. When people already struggle to accomplish these tasks, it can be difficult to get buy-in from them on these programs.

FitDesk Products Make it Easy

Our Bike Desks and Under-Desk Products give employees exactly what they need to stay active without leaving their desks, climbing the stairs, or making extra trips to the gym. 

Your Employees Will Thank You by:

- Experiencing: Better Health

- Increased Productivity

- Negotiate Better Health Insurance Rates

- Improved Employee Morale